Riley Reverb

Hi, I'm Riley! I make a blend of electronic and orchestral music. I'm on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and Bandcamp. For others, search for Riley Reverb.

For Musicians

Hi! I help people like you make music. Hire me, and we can talk. You can air all those ideas you have for music marketing (and get my feedback), let me listen to your songs, or just talk about your musical hopes and dreams.


  • Song Feedback ($50 per request, paid in advance): I've got a checklist.
  • Marketing Feedback ($50 per request, paid in advance): I've started a ton of projects over the years. Most of them didn't go anywhere, but I got better every time. I know what doesn't work, and may just save you some time on hopeless marketing plans.
  • Open Inbox (contact to discuss rates): Trying to make it as a creative is hard under the best circumstances, and it's not always easy to air the inevitable frustrations to friends and family. And strangers can be unkind on public forums. I'll listen, and offer feedback when I can. Done by email.

You can check out my music production blog to get a sense for how I give advice. I promise I'm honest and fair, and I do try to be kind.

I'm not currently taking new clients, but you can sign up to be notified when I do. I'll also send useful tools and guides for musicians in the future. No spam. :)